Danger Close Games will be holding a open beta for Medal of Honor: Warfighter's multiplayer next month. The beta, slated to begin in early October, will only be available on the Xbox 360.

Warfighter's multiplayer doesn't pit terrorists against soldiers. Instead, special forces from ten different nations will face off in head-to-head competitions. The Tier 1 units represented include British SAS, U.S. Navy SEALs, and Russian Spetsnaz Alfa Group.

The beta will allow players to try out a new game mode called HotSpot. HotSpot tasks players with capturing and defending random points on the map. The map featured in this test is the Sarajevo Stadium in Bosnia, one of many real-world locations in the full game.

EA will release a new Linkin Park music video, "Castle of Glass," five days after the beta's launch. This video mixes live-action and in-game footage. The video will be unlocked early if the beta is downloaded three million times. You may consider that a reward or punishment, depending on your opinion of Linkin Park.

Warfighter's beta is expected to launch in early October. The full game will go live on October 23rd in North America and on October 26th in Europe.

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