Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance hero Raiden will have several fashion options for his adventure. A new trailer runs down a few of the skins that players will have at their disposal.

The pick of the litter is the Gray Fox outfit. Gray Fox, last seen in the first Metal Gear Solid, was the original cyborg ninja. The armor seems a bit different from its MGS1 appearance - it has gold trim instead of red/orange - but still looks stellar.

As previously announced, the cyborg ninja skin is available through a GameStop pre-order in North America. In Europe, the skin included with the game regardless of where you buy it.

The other skins in the trailer are more subtle changes from Raiden's usual get-up. The first is based on his MGS4 appearance. The others merely change the color of his armor. In North America, Amazon is offering the red skin (Inferno Armor) to pre-order customers. Presumably the others are retailer exclusives here as well.

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