We're now a week closer to Metro: Last Light's release so 4A Games has decided to send out another trailer. This new video is called "Redemption" but it's less touchy-feely than the title suggests.

Metro: Last Light, arriving in May, depicts a post-apocalyptic future in which the surface of the Earth is a radioactive wasteland. In Moscow, small pockets of human survivors live in metro stations underground. Mutants created by the radiation stalk the tunnels between these stations as well as the surface.

As the gameplay from this trailer demonstrates, protagonist Artyom will have to fight both mutants and humans. The apocalypse hasn't forced mankind to band together. Instead, they've divided into warring factions. The player will encounter Nazis, bandits and other never-do-wells in their quest.

The end of the trailer gives a brief glimpse at the Dark Ones, the mysterious hallucination-inducing creatures from Metro 2033. It's unclear what role they play in this plot. However, their presence suggests that 4A is using the "good" ending from 2033 as canon.

Last Light will be available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. If you're interested in the PC edition, check out the system requirements released last week.

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