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Miasmata, Steam Greenlight Game Now Available

The indie game Miasmata, which looks absolutely fantastic, designed by two brothers on a shoe-string budget is now available. The game combines adventure exploration with emergent survival elements in a tropical setting that seems reminiscent to the original Far Cry: Instincts.

Miasmata was one of the earlier games to make an appearance on Steam's Greenlight. The title saw a meteoric rise through the ranks as one of the truly unique games on the Greenlight that completely and entirely deserved a spot on the Steam store. It wasn't long after that during the approval process, Valve managed to pick Miasmata as one of the titles to become greenlit. And now? Well, now it's available for purchase for only $14.99...well, technically it's 10% off right now so it's only $13.49.

The game itself is about a scientist who gets trapped on a mystical island while trying to find a cure for himself. He's dying and his time is running out. However, as he gathers ingredients and tries to find a way off the island he runs into a bit of another problem...he's being hunted. The game uses procedural AI as a way to keep the gameplay both fresh and dynamic as the AI will track you, smell you, hunt you and kill you.

If you're looking for a completely unique and original indie experience be sure to give Miasmata a try. There isn't too much to lose and the game – as if I haven't mentioned it enough already – looks absolutely gorgeous. You can learn more by paying a visit to the Official Steam Page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.