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Warner Bros Entertainment and Monolith Productions' highly successful action-RPG, Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor, will be receiving a Game of the Year edition... better known in the core communities as a GOTY edition and it's coming May 5th.

After being celebrated for some unique gameplay elments and receiving tons of awards and praise for a solid outing when it comes to providing gamers with dark take on Tolkien's popular fantasy world, Warner Bros has decided to offer gamers a GOTY edition for anyone who may have missed it during the crowded holiday rush last year.

The new GOTY edition of Shadow of Mordor contains all of the previously released missions, every previously released rune, every single skin that was made available for the game and all the challenge modes, including the Test of Power challenge, the Test of Speed, the Test of Wisdom and the Endless challenge.

Shadow of Mordor received a large portion of its praise for the highly lauded Nemesis system. The system allowed players to engage in battle with the Uruk forces of Mordor in very interesting ways. For instance, players can attack the leaders of Orcs to weaken the army. However, the leaders of the Orc forces have names and distinct personalities that players will encounter throughout the entire game.

What's neat about the Nemesis system is that if players engage in battle with Orc commanders they'll remember it. So if a player damages an Orc commander in fire or cuts him up pretty bad in a sword fight but doesn't kill the commander, in a future encounter the commander may remember what happened during that battle and may attempt to exact revenge. What's more is that if an Orc leader manages to damage or kill a player the commander will gain bonus points and rewards. It's like a leveling system for the NPCs.

One neat alternative to the Nemesis system is that other players from around the world can help out. Say you're playing the game and you get totally wrecked by a Uruk leader, well your friend from halfway across the country will be notified (if they're on your friends list) and they'll have an opportunity to exact revenge against the Uruk for killing you. Pretty neat, eh? If the player is successful in getting revenge for your death, they will be rewarded and you will be rewarded. It's pretty cool stuff, really.

A lot of gamers felt as if the Nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor should make the leap to other games, such as Dark Souls or something like Bloodborne. It's nice that some studios are starting to experiment with more challenging and diverse AI systems. One of the big problems in a lot of games is that they have very limited AI setups that just go through the basic routines, so the Nemesis system was a nice departure from the typical bad guys in most games.

As mentioned at the top of the article, the GOTY edition of Shadow of Mordor is due for release next week on May 5th for home consoles and PC. The game will be available at participating retailers and e-tailers. You can learn more by paying a visit to the official website.