Minecraft Title Update 14 Released On Xbox 360, PS3 Launch Coming Tomorrow

4J Studios is rolling out the next major patch for the console versions of Minecraft. Title Update 14, or Patch 1.04, has debuted on Xbox 360 and will be available on PS3 soon.

Title Update 14 allows players to trade with NPC villagers or dye collars. The patch also adds dozens of new items to the game, including the Tripwire Hook, Ender Chest and Carrot. Players can combine the Carrot with a piece of wood to create a Carrot on a Stick, an item that lets them ride a pig.

4J released the patch notes for TU14 last week. They're mostly the same for both platforms. However, the 360 version includes a few more bug fixes for objects like Dispensers and Stone Buttons. The PS3 patch includes support for new languages like Danish, Finnish and Polish. The notes also revealed that, contrary to popular belief, adventure mode and Wither boss aren't part of the patch.

If you encounter any bugs with Title Update 14, the developers encourage you to report them at their forums. So far Xbox 360 owners have noticed that blocks disappear if players dig straight down while holding right trigger, or if they're flying in survival mode while host privilege is enabled. Here are some of the other bugs they've found so far:

  • The Map in creative mode moves back to the inventory from Slot 1 when opening the inventory // Slot 1 Moves back to the inventory.
  • Pig head glitches while riding a Pig with a carrot and stick.
  • Fence gate is placed at an incorrect height when connected to Cobblestone walls
  • Awkward potion removed from Creative menu [Not a Bug]
  • Boats breaking in Deep water [To Be Confirmed]
  • Splitscreen player can't hear sounds when they have moved away from the Host
  • Mining animation is off slightly
  • Any item can be enchanted with Enchanted books.
  • Slabs place incorrectly on Stairs.
  • Maps are not working correctly when the game is loaded (Take time to update)
  • Doors make double sounds when opening with the players hands
  • Mining/Placing blocks is quiet.
  • Blocks don't always display how much damage they are taking.
  • Music Disc names are not appearing correctly
  • Entities/Players get removed from Minecarts when reloading a save.

The studio mentioned in another tweet that the PS3 patch will released alongside multiple DLC packs. Players will be able to purchase the Battles & Beasts Skin Pack, Plastic Texture Pack, City Texture Pack, or Skin Pack 1. Skin Pack 1, exclusive to the PS3, includes several iconic PlayStation characters like Nathan Drake and Sly Cooper.

In addition to updating the game on PS3 and Xbox 360, 4J Studios is currently working on PS4 and Xbox One versions. Those versions are currently undated but Minecraft creators Mojang provided a pseudo-update on their progress today.

"For you guys asking about the Xbox One and Playstation 4 edition: It is being worked on as we speak!" Mojang's Daniel Kaplan said on the company blog. "I got no proper dates yet, but hopefully soon we can tell you!"

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.