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Faith in Mirror's Edge 2

EA is bringing Mirror's Edge 2 to E3 2014. This afternoon they released a lone piece of concept art from the much-anticipated sequel.

The Mirror's Edge 2 image shows hero Faith standing on a rooftop of a building, looking out at the glittering spires of the city. The caption on Facebook simply reads, "#E32014." Guess we're going to see a whole lot more of the game this week. You can see a full-sized version in the gallery below.

The strap slung over her shoulder is probably for her bag. Her job, at least in the first game, was to transport letters across the city. She lives in a dystopia in which the government monitors all electronic communication. Revolutionaries have to rely on runners like Faith to carry messages for them.

EA announced Mirror's Edge 2 for PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4 during their E3 2013 press conference. ME2 is said to be an open-world adventure, perhaps giving players more freedom to explore the city than the first game. It's powered by Frostbite 3, the same engine powering DICE's other projects Battlefield: Hardline and Star Wars: Battlefront.

It's likely that the game's not even called Mirror's Edge 2. The image simply says "Mirror's Edge." The game isn't a direct sequel to the first one. Instead, it's a prequel that explores the origins of Faith. The trailer from last year showed Faith getting her iconic tattoos:

That teaser trailer was substantial. I expect a logo and a date from most teasers but that one even showed some combat. Now that EA's gotten the initial announcement out of the way, it's time for them to give us more. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get a gameplay demo during the EA press conference?

Mirror's Edge wasn't perfect. The difficulty didn't evolve very much and the story was disconnected garbage. However, the first-person parkour and art style made me very hopeful for a follow-up game that would correct its predecessor's mistakes. I can't wait to find out more about ME2 at E3.

EA might not be able to devote too much time to the game during their press conference, though. They have a lot of 2014 releases to show at the convention, including Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and The Sims 4. If Mirror's Edge 2 won't be out until 2015 at the earliest, it may be a lower priority.
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