The Xbox Originals are getting some new friends to beef up their slender numbers. On February 11th you’ll be able to pick up Ninja Gaiden Black, Black and Sid Meier’s Pirates!. OK. You can just pick up Ninja Gaiden if you’d like. Because if you haven’t already played the best thing to come out on Xbox 1, then you have yet to live. You also should be able to find the game used for less than $15, or a friend has a copy I’m sure. But however you do it, get this game and beat it as a Ninja.

The other titles on the list are nice too. Pirates! is a remake of the classic 1987 adventure game where you’re a pirate. It’s fun to be a pirate, no matter what decade you’re in. Black is Criterion’s shooter that is mediocre in the genre it resides. Criterion are phenomenal Burnout developers, but their shooter prowess is a little less refined. There are still a lot of things to shoot and destroy in Black, so it’s worth a look. Just not a $15 look.

You can pick these titles up right before Valentine’s Day on February 11th. So be sure to warn your wife or girlfriend in advance that you have bouncy breasted babes to converse with, and demons to behead. She’s understand.

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