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After years of being released on PC and the OG Xbox, most people would assume that Morrowind is a tired and unplayable entry in the Elder Scrolls series. Well, anyone thinking that is wrong...dead wrong. Why? Because a new update for the Morrowind: Rebirth mod just added a very necessary element: toilets.

PC Gamer took a gander at the changelog, and despite a long list of updates, upgrades, changes, fixes, tweaks and patches to the Rebirth mod for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the one thing that caught their fancy was the addition of toilets. You can see what the toilet looks like in the image below. The toilet is to the left of the hut – it's actually an outhouse with a bucket at the step.


If I can divert your attention to the Moddb page for the Rebirth mod for the game, it lists that version 3.5 now sports some settlements with functional toilets. The author of the mod, trancemaster_1988, tells gamers to “use them well”.

The addition of toilets isn't really explained beyond being nothing but a bit of aesthetic hilarity. But then again, trancemaster_1988 does say to “use them well”... and in the world of gaming, interactivity is the prime driving force behind doing anything in a game. So maybe they can be used for something?

Anyway, the rest of the 3.5 update covers a lot of small changes made to the game. Including various typos that were fixed throughout the game map. There were some improvements to the landscape made – you can't have players falling through the floor like most other Fallout, Elder Scrolls and Assassin's Creed games. There were some repaired ceilings, because one of the houses didn't have a ceiling. A few rooms will no longer be locked at night, and the entrance to the Kunirai is no longer blocked by obstructive terrain.

One of the more fascinating pieces of the update that caught my attention was one featuring Boromir. Sadly, it's not Boromir played by Sean Bean in the Lord of the Rings, but Boromir an archer... apparently this fellow was going around in the mod with no arrows! I suppose it's better to go around with no arrows than to go around crippled after taking an arrow to the knee.

There are some other changes made to the mod but they're all quite negligible, as pointed out on the Moddb post, just common fixes and updates. A lot of gamers are still kind of taken aback at how much modding love Morrowind gets, even to this day despite being well over a decade old. However, it's a testament to Bethesda's commitment to games that can be taken in and honed by the community, just like with Fallout 3, Oblivion and Skyrim. All of these games are still played and fostered by a dedicated modding and gaming community.

If you want to get your hands on version 3.5 of Morrorwind: Rebirth feel free to download a copy from over on the Moddb page.