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Today EA released NCAA Football 13 to stores throughout North America. The PS3 and Xbox 360 game allows players to chase the Heisman Trophy.

In the new Heisman Challenge mode, you can take on the role of several past Heisman winners like Robert Griffin III, Barry Sanders and Doug Flutie and put them on any team you want. You're then tasked with winning the trophy all over again. If you do, you'll unlock these players for use in other modes. You'll also earn access to video interview clips with these athletes.

Both Heisman Challenge and the returning Road to Glory mode have a new Reaction Time feature. Reaction Time is basically like "bullet time." You press a button and can slow down the action, allowing you to make a pivotal play. Don't upturn your nose; you know you're gonna use it.

The game is replete with other improvements as well. The ESPN integration is even deeper, with a ticker and studio updates giving you details on other games occurring in Dynasty mode. New catch animations and pass trajectories will make your passing attack easier, and defenses disguising coverages will do the opposite.