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For those of you who decided to pick up retro gaming console NeoGeo X Gold, you'll be happy to know that the first batch of new (Or old, really) games is ready to be released in a single 15-title cartridge, NeoGeo X Classics: Volume I.

Developed by Tommo Inc. and SNK Playmore, the NeoGeo X Gold offers a unique gaming experience that gives access to old school fan favorites both at home and on the go. The core console is a handheld device, equipped with more than a dozen games already pre-installed. It can be plugged into a docking station for charging and TV output, complete with its own standalone controller. Now that gamers have had the chance to dig into those initial offerings, NeoGeo X Classics: Volume I is ready to dish out another 15 classics.

No word yet on pricing, but according to a statement from Tommo, Volume I, the first in a four-part series, will be available in the U.S. in late April. The game will also come with a data transfer and charging travel cable at no additional charge. And while there's no word yet on what changes will be made, the game will also feature System Update 1.0 for your NeoGeo X Gold system.

So, without further ado, here's a look at the games that will be included in NeoGeo X Gold Classics: Volume I.

-Art of Fighting 3
-Blazing Star
-Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves
-Kizuna Encounter
-The King of Fighters '96
-The Last Blade 2
-Metal Slug 2
-Samurai Shodown 3
-Savage Reign
-Shock Troopers
-Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory
-Top Hunter
-World Heroes Jet
-Breaking Revenge

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