Neverending Nightmares Is A Horror Game That Channels The Art Of Edward Gorey

Remember that intro to the PBS Mystery Theater that would air on Sunday nights? Yeah, you remember that classic intro with animations by Eugene Federenko and Janet Perlman based on Edward Gorey's artwork? Well, Infinitetap Games is working on a game that takes that line art-style to the next level in a gory, horror-themed point-and-click adventure game.

Neverending Nightmares has made its way to Kickstarter, and thanks to a quick promo by Gametrailers gamers get a chance to see what Infinitetap is bringing to the table with this way-out-there adventure title.

The game centers around a sort of gory story-time premise... the whole “alone in the dark, on a rainy night” setup, and it seems to work perfectly for this game. There's something terribly unsettling about the atmosphere and designs that could easily draw in a strong niche following.

Unlike other survival-horror games, you won't have a wide array of weapons at your disposal. There are some light combat mechanics, but avoiding the monsters is always going to be your best bet. In addition to this, stealth plays a big part in surviving... the average person isn't Ash Williams or Snake Plissken; instead of engaging whatever you encounter, it's smarter to run and hide.

The game can be also be played with a controller or with the keyboard and mouse, so this could easily end up on home consoles and attract an even wider audience.

As noted on the Kickstarter page, the art-style and character designs were inspired by famed illustrator Edward Gorey, using a lot of cross-pattern lines and pen-and-ink color grades to give viewers the impression of something deep and dark looming beyond the shadows. In the case of Neverending Nightmares, there usually is something big and dark looking beyond the shadows.

I would love to see more art-movement games hit the marketplace, like The Kite and Papers, Please, as well as experimental visual games like The Novelist, The Note or Bientôt l’été , just for the sake of diversity and unique interactive experiences. Having something like Neverending Nightmares land on digital distributors would just help further diversify the horror-adventure genre.

If you would like to see Neverending Nightmares become a real thing, feel free to support the game over on Kickstarter. Also, for everyone else who has never seen the PBS Mystery intro, you can check out the minute long intro below to see just how similar Matt Gilgenbach and Infinitetap Games are making Neverending Nightmares.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.