Cryptic's Dungeons and Dragons co-op RPG Neverwinter is changing dramatically under new publisher Perfect World. For starters, it's now a free-to-play title.

Neverwinter will now be an action MMO, according to IGN. While the game uses D&D's 4th Edition ruleset, it will require quick reflexes and mouse clicking from players. It utilizes a modified version of the engine from Cryptic's other MMOs, Star Trek Online and Champions Online.

Not only will the base game be free, but so will the content packs released after launch. Cryptic and Perfect World are opting to make their money through microtransactions. Players will have the option of shelling out real-world money for Consumables, vanity pets, and cosmetic items.

One of the more exciting features of Neverwinter was the "Forge" toolset. The "Forge" was said to allow players to create quests and share them online. No mention of whether this feature will survive the game's transition to F2P MMO. It's worth pointing out that Star Trek Online does have a similar toolset, though.

The drawback to these big, structural changes is that development will take longer. Neverwinter was initially expected by the end of this year. Now, however, it's expected in 2012.

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