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Nexon Posts Q3 Growth; Rolls Out MapleStory Adventures, Zombie Misfits

Nexon has been one of many free-to-play publishers finding continuous growth with games and MMO sub-genres that few other publishers have taken advantage of, despite the immense popularity of free-to-play titles.

The MMO publishing giant has announced that their third-quarter results for 2011 has once again proven to be very profitable, showing a 29 percent growth rate over the same quarter results from 2010. The report isn’t all numbers and stats, though, the company announced a number of upcoming projects slated for release very soon.

Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim commented in the news about the company’s continued financial success, saying…

“We are pleased with the continued rapid growth that we are seeing in North America,” ... “Our engaging content and microtransaction-based business model continue to attract new players and to delight our existing players. It is clear that our efforts to deliver what’s-next-online are paying off.”

Coming off the huge success of the popular arcade-style MMO dungeon crawler, Dragon Nests, Nexon recently announced that they would be invading the portable, mobile gaming arena with a title that’s bound to rack in huge sales for the company: Combat Arms: Zombies. The iOS title is a small app that focuses on the zombie co-op modes from Nexon’s free-to-play PC shooter, Combat Arms and it will be powered by none other than Epic’s latest Unreal Engine 3.

The company isn’t just focused on mobile zombie busting, though…they’re also taking the zombie action to Facebook with a new tower defense title called Zombie Misfits, which is currently in open beta.

Later in the month Nexon also announced that the free-to-play, first-person shooter, Sudden Attack will be available through their service, along with the highly anticipated social-based MMO, MapleStory: Adventures.

You can learn more about Nexon’s offerings by paying a kind visit to their Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.