With Microsoft playing it cool and keeping a poker face regarding any talk of a next-generation console, Sony has adamantly said that they are working on maintaining their load with the PS Vita and PS3. The only one who has shown their cards and is moving forward with the next era of gaming technology this year is Nintendo.

Just recently at this year's CES, rumors spread that Microsoft would announce a new Xbox console along with their next generation of Windows 8 software and mobile technology. However, Microsoft did not announce a new Xbox but they did announce full Kinect support for all Windows OS starting February 1st, along with a host of other Windows 8 software support for mobile devices and tablets.

Sony on the other hand, did the complete opposite of staying silent. SCEA's Andy House and SCE's chief executive Kaz Hirai both denied any plans from Sony to announce, hint or unveil a new PlayStation home console. All PS4 announcements at E3 2012 have been denied and buried.

The reason a lot of next-gen talk has been null and voided by Microsoft and Sony is that they're still trying to recoup investments from the Xbox 360 and PS3. Microsoft has been -- for the past two years -- finally posting profits for the Xbox 360, while Sony has been struggling to do the same with the PS3. For the most part, just about everyone considers Microsoft and Sony to be "hitting their stride" with the PS3 and Xbox 360 and both companies are seeing strong growth, software sales and hardware movement from retail shelves. Opting to bring a new console to the market right now would be, as many have stated, "financial suicide".

Nintendo, alternatively, has no financial restrictions, hardware obligations, R&D to make back or manufacturing costs to recoup. Instead, Nintendo is in a perfect position to launch a new console with very little risks in comparison to Microsoft and Sony given that the Wii already dominates the majority of market share value and has outsold both the Xbox 360 and PS3 by very large margins.

With Microsoft staying mum about next-gen talk and Sony completely opting out of any console announcements at E3, it's almost guaranteed that Nintendo will walk away the victor at both E3 and during the 2012 holiday season given that they will be the only console maker bringing both a new console and a new form of home console entertainment to the table with the Wii U and its WiiPad tablet device.

Some of the bigger worries about the success of the Wii U have mostly fallen in with erroneous arguments about third-party support, which Nintendo has encouraged to the industry will not be a problem for their upcoming console, especially after unveiling a complete line-up of high-profile games from multiple publishers and developers at last year's E3.

The only other negatives surrounding the Wii U are price points and multiple WiiPad support. Given the rumored specs of the Wii U, it's highly unlikely that it will cost anything more than $299.99 at launch with the only high-price factor being the WiiPad itself. So far, Nintendo has yet to clarify if multiple Wii tablets will be usable on the system, but as of last year they were considering having 3DS devices work as additional WiiPads instead of actually using multiple tablets. It's pretty much guaranteed that Nintendo will clarify this at E3 along with an official price-point.

As it stands Nintendo seems to be the one in a perfect position to capitalize on their current stranglehold on the market with another affordable, innovative home console. While Sony has already made their plans clear and Microsoft waits in anticipation, I'm sure the heads at Nintendo couldn't be happier with their current market position.

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