PlayStation 2 classic Okami is already a beautiful game and, with the impending release of Okami HD via PlayStation Network, it looks to be getting even more beautifuler. We’re talking the beautifulest, folks. Now, thanks to an announcement from Capcom at Tokyo Game Show, we know that all of that pretty wolf-god-infused RPG action will be playable Stateside on Oct. 30.

The original Okami was one of those games that flew under most folks’ radars despite being a critical darling. Its popularity grew through word of mouth, however, leading to an eventual Wii port and Nintendo DS sequel just a few years ago.

Now Okami is being born anew on the PlayStation 3, receiving a gorgeous makeover courtesy of the folks at HexaDrive and coming to the PSN in 1080p. Check out the new Tokyo Game Show trailer to see how much a difference HD makes.

Even cooler is the fact that Okami HD will have Move support, which is a perfect fit for a game engine that relies heavily on “painting” symbols across the screen. Executing special moves and spells with brush strokes was a lot of fun with analog sticks, but I’m willing to bet the experience will be even better once we’re playing with a giant, glowing paint brush in our hands.

Look for Okami HD to make your eyes cry rainbows when it releases on PSN on Oct. 30 for $19.99.

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