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Codemasters announced today that new content and title updates are on the way for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. The new content includes four brand new maps and two new Fire Team Engagement missions. Sounds like the DLC will be a load of fun for gamers who like fragging and who don't mind getting fragged.

According to the press release…
“Title Updates for the console editions of the acclaimed tactical shooter will arrive prior to the launch of the ‘Skirmish’ DLC pack on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Network. The Title Update for the Xbox 360 edition of the game will be available tomorrow, November 5th, with the Title Update for the PlayStation 3 edition to follow shortly.”

In addition to all this gaming goodness that will arrive for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising on November 5th, gamers can actually get a preview of the content in a brand new trailer that can be viewed below.

The ‘Skirmish’ DLC will be available for $3.99 for the PS3 and 400 Microsoft Points for the Xbox 360. Details and information on the PC version of the DLC and title update can be viewed on the Official Website.