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Out Of This World Intro Remade For Today's Generation

In a remake/redo/reboot hungry media industry, I'm thoroughly shocked that EA, Ubisoft or Activision has yet to try their hand at bringing one of the best 3DO games to today's consoles, Out of this World. While the big publishers aren't touching it, a creative special FX artist and director named Riccardo Faidutti spent three months re-imagining the opening sequence to the classic adventure title.

Out of this World also known as Another World, was a cinematic-platformer from Eric Chani that garnered a niche audience back in the early 1990s across multiple platforms. The definitive version of the title was easily for Panasonic's 3DO, which featured a cool soundtrack, full motion video and crisp visual effects.

The intro for the game was one of the most iconic pieces of visual media during that era of interactive entertainment. Faidutti tries his hand at recreating the entire intro sequence with his own take and some new-age special effects, all while aiming to maintain the nostalgia of the original. Check it out below.

I don't know if the live-action works quite as well, but it did feel genuinely 1990s. The reason Faidutti didn't go the route of a 3D character was due to his lack of modeling/animation skills, which could have completely ruined the whole thing if it were done poorly.

For the most part I think it's a pretty cool video and stays very true to the aesthetic of Chani's original work. I know many gamers aren't very fond of remakes/reboots, but in the right hands I could easily see Out of this World capturing a new niche audience for today's gamer generation.

You can check out more neat videos from Faidutti on his official YouTube channel.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.