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The big debate heading into the launch this week for the PS4 and later this month for the Xbox One is all about whether the PS4's synthetic-tested 50% power difference will make a dent in multiplatform titles down the road. Well, Sony's worldwide studio boss, Shuhei Yoshida, had an interesting response that should put all the debates to rest.

A user on Twitter, Richard W., to be specific, asked the The Boss a very enlightened question – a question that has been burning in the pits of gamers' stomachs ever since the benchmarks from places like Extreme Tech, and recentlyArs Technica, went public. Well, Shuhei is not one to mince or twist words; an elegant connoisseur of artful linguistics, Shuhei had this response to share, completely and entirely stated in good faith and not to fuel fanboy flame wars...

Ohhhhhh, burnnnnnn!

Shuhei just laid the smackdown on the arses of everyone at Microsoft.

Who just got pimp-slapped? Microsoft just got pimp-slapped.

Who is running Call of Duty: Ghosts at native 1080p and 60 sexy frames per second? The PS4. Who is running Call of Duty: Ghosts at the poverty-level resolution of 720p while still suffering from frame stutter? The Xbox One.

Which system is running Battlefield 4 on the high settings at native 900p? The PS4. Which system is struggling like a Foxconn employee working at slave-labor wages to hit native 720p? The Xbox One.

And which system is consistently hitting McDonalds quality visual output while the competition is hitting Burger King graphics? The Xbox One.

Which system has their biggest game running a paltry 900p at only 30 ghetto frames per second and pretending like it's a big deal that's going to change the world, effectively making it the Ron Paul of video game consoles? The Xbox One.

And is it even necessary to bring up which console allows you to play multiplatform games right out of the box without broadband on day one? Well, yes... of course it's necessary!

With both consoles due out this month and the multiplatform titles already showing a measure of discrepancy so early on, one would have to question exactly how far the differences will begin shaping up later on in the consoles' lifespan? This looks especially egregious when you compare it to the fact that Turn 10 Studios has already admitted that the system is being maxed out right now.

Even with optimization the Xbox One might still tread behind the PS4 by a significant margin unless Microsoft redirects the focus of the system and pulls a Nintendo by actually making the line-up about the games. Although, if games like Ryse are anything to go by, they'll need to overhaul their concept of "fun" and "gameplay" pronto.

As Shuhei stated, the future of the eighth generation of home console gaming has already been decided with the current multiplatform launch titles. The Xbox One has basically just become the CD-i to the PS4's 3DO. And we all know how that turned out...

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