76% Of Gamers Disappointed With Xbox One, According To IGN's Poll

A lot of people give IGN a lot of flak (me included), and it's often touted throughout gaming circles that Microsoft has their hand so far up the rear-end of IGN's revenue stream that when Major Nelson flails his hands in front of Kinect, it cycles through the Xbox ads on IGN's front page.

Moving on and getting down to business...IGN UK ran a poll consisting of more than 76,000 participants and out of all those people who participated, only 6.42% thought that the Xbox One reveal was “Fantastic” (all MS employees), 17.34% thought it was solid (fanboys) and 76.23% thought the whole thing was disappointing (everyone else).

Technically, the “disappointed” gamers break down into two groups, with 47.36% saying that it was just disappointing and 28.87% saying it was a dreck-filled disaster of proportions too epic to be contained within the human vocabulary. You can check it out below.

I think that's very telling, especially coming from what's perceived by the community to be a “Xbox centric” website. Just so you know, I never thought IGN was bought out and paid for by Microsoft, but I did always have an inkling deep down inside that questioned their allegiance to EA.

Anyway, the results speak volumes and ties in nicely with the global Twitter poll that pitted the anticipation for the next-gen consoles between Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. Unsurprisingly, a massive 88% of gamers favored Sony's PS4 while only 12% showed favoritism towards the Xbox One.

I'm very curious out of that 12% how many of those Xbox One supporters know about the used game fees, the 24 hour check-in and Kinect always-listening/watching?

Anyway, Microsoft plans to clarify some of the issues before the console launches. They aren't fond of the inaccurate and incomplete reporting. Hopefully they completely clear the air come E3, which is just a few weeks away.

Nevertheless, the poll results still speak volumes and even Nintendo's Wii U saw quite a boost in spite of the Xbox One's announcement. Poor, poor Microsoft.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.