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The console war is starting to look more like a console massacre, especially as far as sales go over in the UK. Number bombs have been dropped and the results have come forward from the cleared smoke to reveal that the PS4 was the UK's number one selling home console in 2013, beating the Xbox One by a large margin.

MCVUK rolled out the numbers courtesy of the Entertainment Retailer's Association, who used the GfK chart tracking data to reveal that the PlayStation 4 has managed to move more than 530,000 SKUs in barely five weeks time, generating more than £181.8m.

By comparison, The Inquirer is reporting that the Xbox One only moved 364,000 SKUs within the same time period but only managed to generate £144.5m. Even with a £100 pound mark-up, the Xbox One still couldn't get the job done.

PlayStation UK managing director Fergal Gara commented on the PS4's success, being modest insofar as to say...
“We are delighted with the very strong sales of PS4 to date,”

“Since we unveiled the console, gamers have shown huge interest in the PS4. Our focus now is rebuilding stock levels so those have not been able to get a PS4 can finally experience the next-gen. I’d like to thank the gamers, our retail and publishing partners who played a big part in making this success possible.”

Despite the major movement of the PS4 shifting more SKUs than the Xbox One, it wasn't quite the top selling game device of 2013... that honor belongs to Nintendo's mobile money printer – oops, I mean, their handheld portable device, the Nintendo 3DS.

No one can really put a handle on the 3DS; it's selling out in ways unfathomable to all those pro-mobile analysts who spelled doom and gloom for Nintendo ever since the 3DS stumbled onto the market like a nerdy pubescent teen, but then magically hit puberty and became the hottest thing in the gaming market.

But let's not get sidetracked here, this is all about the PS4 beating on the Xbox One like a friendly bully picking on a jock at high school. The Xbox One's supposed dominance in the Western markets isn't really coming to fruition like some analysts predicted. Instead the PS4 has taken charge and taken the lead by more than a million SKUs. If this sales disparity keeps up it won't look good for the Xbox One being the lead platform, which means the games may end up being worse over the long haul.

What's more is that the console war is beginning to look like a two-man race between the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Wii U, which is now estimated to have hit the 5 million install base mark. However, we'll soon be able to tell exactly where both consoles rank once the official numbers are made public.

If Nintendo can manage to stave off the PS4's dominance in the home console market by keeping the software for the Wii U fresh and current, then they'll not only control the portable handheld market but the home console market as well... heck, they're already controlling both. Then again, we already know that Nintendo is winning the eighth generation of gaming, don't we?

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