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Paradox Interactive New Details On Upcoming Games

From the people who brought you titles such as Mount & Blade and the Heart of Iron series, they have released new information about some upcoming titles, expansion packs and a new spin-off game brand. Now if only the amount of gamers who are actually interested in this news were as numerous as the gamers who will pass over this article.

According to the press release, "Paradox Interactive publicly revealed key announcements about its upcoming titles at a Paradox media event in Stockholm yesterday. In front of a packed auditorium of European journalists, Paradox Interactive showcased their forthcoming releases, with some demonstrated in public for the first time.”

New updates for Mount & Blade that include a multiplayer patch will be available, updates for Hear of Iron III are coming, new gameplay fact sheets were unveiled for Majesty 2 and Paradox also announced that Mezmer Game studios will publish titles such as Stalin vs Martians and a turn-based strategy game, Lezio..

You can check out the fact sheet for the above games down below. For more information about Paradox Interactive, feel free to visit their Official Website. And remember to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news and updates for all things gaming.

Mount & Blade Updated Features:

• Improved strategic AI

• Extended diplomatic options, allowing the player to wield more power

• State-of the-art rendering technologies introduced for the first time, including the addition of High Dynamic Range (HDR)

• Brand new multiplayer feature including the ability for 32 players (possibly more – TBD) to play on a single map in team death-match style battles

Hearts of Iron III

AI-assisted Unit Interface - When a unit is selected, it will report to the player its current status, either negative or positive. Also, if the unit has been given a specific objective, it will report what resources it needs in order to succeed.

Improved Espionage – Players will receive more useful reports from their spies in the field, including where enemy units are located and what orders they have been given.

New “Threat” Feature – Replacing the “Belligerence” concept from Hearts of Iron II, the ‘Threat” feature is a more localized and subtle feature. It affects the player’s relationships with enemies and allies based on geographic proximity to the action, with stronger effects for nearby nations, and weaker effects for those countries farther away.

Majesty 2 Gameplay Features:

• Marketplaces – Marketplaces are the hub of the kingdom. There is only one marketplace in each kingdom, making them the center of the player’s game world. Because of their centralized locations, marketplaces are common targets for your enemies.

• Trade Posts – Defended by turrets because of their prized attributes, Trade Posts will generate caravans which will travel to the Marketplace.

• Temples – Used to promote basic heroes to more powerful heroes, Temples can be built in places of power only. Places of power are defended by magic creatures which the player needs to defeat before they are able to build a Temple.

• The Stats – 16 missions in each single player campaign. 6 single player scenarios. 8 multiplayer maps. 30+ hours of gameplay

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