Say what you will about the comedic stylings of one Dane Cook, the dude was spot-on about one thing: Pretty much everybody wants to be a part of one of those bank heists ripped from a big budget movie. This week, PlayStation Plus subscribers can do exactly that, as Payday 2 joins the Instant Game Collection for the PlayStation 3. There are also a few sales available, for those of you who fall in the small percentage of people who have never wanted to yell “Everybody, down on the floor!”

If I seem a bit out of sorts this week, it's because I'm still getting over last week's Plus update, Outlast for the PlayStation 4. I missed out on that game on the PC so last week, bundled up all alone on the couch with the lights off, marked my first trip stumbling through that mental asylum from hell. It was creepy as all get-out and utterly wonderful, all at the same time.

This week's Plus offering is a bit more razzle-dazzle, trading claustrophobic corridors and psychopathic killers for a series of robberies and shootouts with the police. Payday 2 took everything fans loved about the original game and bolted on more of it. There are more weapons, more gadgets, more mission types, more locations...More of everything.

Players team up and try to orchestrate the perfect heist, targeting locations that, to a degree, are actually randomized. Objectives and security cameras might be in different locations, for instance, or the flow of events might completely change from one bank heist to the next. The objective is usually to get in, get the goods, and get out alive. It's a nifty take on the first-person shooter genre that rewards teamwork and creative thinking.

This week, PlayStation Plus subscribers will have the opportunity to live out all of their wildest, most illegal heist fantasies when Payday 2 joins the PS3 Instant Game Collection. That should come as good news to folks who are already fans of the game, too, as this will likely mean a resurgence in online activity and quite a few new friends to take out on your favorite hits.

If making the ultimate score isn't your idea of a good time (because you're a crazy person), then there are a few discounts being offered this week for Plus subscribers that you might want to consider.

First up is TxK, the sugar-rush version of the classic arcade shooter, Tempest, coming to the PlayStation Vita. Usually 10 bucks, this bad boy can be yours for $7.99 through Plus. Dungeon-crawling beat-em-up Blood Knights(PS3) is also being marked down to $7.99 this week while Vita swipe-a-thon, DrawSlasher moves from $5.99 to just $2.75.

For full details on this week's update, be sure to check out the PlayStation Blog or just visit the PlayStation Network once today's regular weekly update goes live. Otherwise, if you need me, I'll be renting a large white van and picking up some duffel bags and ski masks to help get me in the right mind frame for Payday 2.

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