Recently The Fine Brothers made 10 elderly people watch a trailer and gameplay video from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and then recorded their reactions. If you were expecting them to crap all over the game, you would be wrong.

Yes, some of them offered up the same sort of close-minded nonsense that Jack Thompson sprays from every orifice. One woman said Black Ops 2 isn't appropriate for children or adults. Others said that games could "train people to kill" or make them "shoot up a theater or two."

Not all of the elders in the video had such harsh reactions, though. One man said that Black Ops 2 was harmless escapism, while another pointed out it was a good opportunity to interact with kids and explain the difference between real and virtual violence. A few dismissed the notion that games could turn players into killers, with one noting that a murderer would've had mental problems regardless of whether or not they picked up Black Ops 2.

In addition to being profound, some of these elders were downright hilarious. For example, here's the best quote of the piece: "Whether or not this game is appropriate for a child to be playing is that particular child's parents' responsibility. My son had a BB gun when he was six. I made him promise when he got that BB gun never to shoot his sister. He never shot his sister. Quite frankly, I know his sister and that was a lot of self-control."

Some of the seniors expressed interest in playing Black Ops 2 when it launches later this month. Not many of them would recommend buying it for a child, but one self-aware grandpa admitted that his grandkids "don't give a shit what I recommend."

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