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The Pinball Arcade Gets Elvira Tomorrow On PSN

The Pinball Arcade is getting a double dose of the Mistress of the Night, Elvira, starting tomorrow with Table Pack 6 hitting the virtual arcade for PlayStation 3 and Vita.

FarSight Studios recently showed off the first table in their upcoming Table Pack 6 on the PlayStation Blog, giving virtual pinball wizards a chance to see Elvira and the Party Monsters in action.

As always, the folks at FarSight have painstakingly transported all of the features, sounds and artwork from the original physical table into the virtual world, making Elvira and the Party Monsters the closest you're likely to get to playing the real thing without tracking a physical copy of the rare machine down.

Along with Elvira and the Party Monsters, Table Pack 6 will also include the classic table, No Good Gofers.

Both Elvira and the Party Monsters and No Good Gofers will be available in Table Pack 6 for The Pinball Arcade when the PlayStation Network store update goes live Tuesday. Buying the tables for either the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita will make them available on both devices at no extra charge.

As a final note, FarSight promises Elvira will return “before too long” in Table Pack 7 with Elvira: Scared Stiff.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.