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Sony has finally brought “the store with more” to the United States, launching a new digital shopping interface that offers more options, a slick new look and some nifty new features on the PlayStation 3.

The new store was actually due stateside at the end of October but, with the European launch experiencing a few hiccups, the U.S. version was postponed to iron out all of the wrinkles. You can see the new virtual storefront by firing up your PS3, or you can check out the video below, which gives you a quick glimpse of what can be expected.

I'm one of the few people who seems to have had no problems with the previous shopping experience on the PS3 and, while many are praising the new offering, I'm not a very big fan. I find it slower, clunky and sometimes difficult to navigate. While the new magazine layout certainly looks nice, those big panels basically register as advertisements to my eyes, by which I mean I gloss right over them. I'm not a fan of having to dig through a layout in order to find what I'm actually looking for.

One of the improvements I can actually get behind, though, is the new search engine which seems to have a smarter engine running in the background and actually recognizes misspellings. The fact that I still can't search or view an organized list of my previous downloads, however, remains annoying. Oh, and you can stream more videos now from within the store rather than downloading them, so that's another plus.

But whether or not I like the new store is irrelevant. It's already live, so boot up your PS3 and check it out for yourself.

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