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Five teenagers attacked a drunk guy in Gwank-gu, Seoul, South Korea, who was just minding his own business sitting on the curb of a sidewalk being drunk. The attack was very violent and prompted Korean police to conclude that the only way these teenagers could have carried out such an act is if they were imitating a mission from Grand Theft Auto IV, specifically the one that involves violence, motorcycles, fights or potentially moving vehicles and maybe one of the missions that might have a weapon or two involved.

The news comes courtesy of the Korea Herald [via Kotaku] who reported on the 31-year old drunk dude getting his noggin beat in. The teens did not have a gun on them. The police issued warrants for two of the teens and apprehended three others. According to the police they were trying to imitate a scene from Grand Theft Auto IV.

This is the second time in a short time that video games have picked up the blame for disorderly conduct from minors. You all might remember the first incident just a few weeks ago where some drunk kids were picked up in Australia for also disturbing the public and carrying out knife attacks.

It appears the main culprit in these attacks are generic video games that have some kind violence and in result, cause young kids to go out and imitate attacks on other individuals not-related to any specific event in a video game whatsoever. Of course, video games are always a better scapegoat than bad parenting. I mean, who wants their face plastered all over the interwebs for having raised a pathetic, flesh-suit wearing delinquent? That's almost about as bad as having misbehaving kids who create scandals day in and day out, while you're the president.

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