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Today Valve is adding PlayStation Move support to Portal 2's single-player and co-op campaigns. PS3 owners in the United States will be able to download the "Portal In Motion" update through the PlayStation Store later today.

The update, which supports both single-player and split-screen Move use, was developed by Sixense. They originally designed it to work with the Razer Hydra, a motion controller they created for the PC. They released the Hydra with its Portal 2 content back in June 2011.

The PlayStation Move controller will be able to interact with the game environment in three new ways. The "One-to-One" feature allows players to manipulate the object as if it was in their hand; to rotate or move the object, you simply move or rotate the controller. With the "Portal Surfing" mechanic, players can move or rotate a portal along surfaces. You can even rotate the portal while an object is passing through it in order to change its trajectory. The third and final feature, "Scaling," lets players pick up cubes and then change their dimensions.

These motion control functions open up new possibilities for puzzles. In order to properly showcase these features, Sixense developed 20 new test chambers for the game. While the PlayStation Move patch itself is free, this new level pack will cost $10. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to pick it up for $7.

Today also marks the digital release of Portal 2 through PSN. The digital download version of P2 already has Move support added into it.

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