Preview: Dark Sector

Players: 1-10

Price: $59.99

Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3

Developer: Digital Extremes

Publisher: D3 Publisher

ESRB: Mature

Website: Dark Sector

Release Date: March 25, 2008

Dark Sector has been on the cusp of release for a long while now. We’ve been watching Hayden’s progress since the current generation of consoles started up. All the glaive throwing screens and vids have us intrigued, and now we’re getting more info on the multiplayer aspect of the game. What you’ll find is that there isn’t much built in, but like similar feature poor multiplayer titles there’s still some soul crushing online matches to be had.

The multiplayer for Dark Sector is broken up into two game types. And in each you’ll get to play as the all-powerful Hayden. The Infection game plays like Juggernaut. One player starts off as Hayden, and up to nine other players jump in as Lasrian Troopers. It’s up to the troopers to take Hayden out without getting a glaive to the face. You’d think the troopers would have a great advantage with the numbers, but the Hayden in multiplayer has all of the abilities from the game. No nerfing at all. So if you want to survive, let alone kill him, you’d better work as a team. Something that I’ve found rarely happens in a Juggernaut match.

The Troopers have either an assault rifle or shotgun, some grenades and one proximity mine to battle Hayden. If you want to bring Hayden down you’ll have to work with your “team” to do so. Sneak attacks and use of a friend are the only way to take him down. And don’t forget Dark Sector has a cover mechanic not unlike Gears of War. So use that to your advantage as well. Get a friend to stun Hayden and then you run in to perform a “finisher.” Your reward will to be Hayden in the next round.

When you play as Hayden in Infection you’re on your own. You do have a Tekna 9mm, the glaive, all three Evolutionary Powers and any weapons that are dropped or lying round. You’re pretty close to unstoppable with the ability to leap around and go invisible. Not to mention that glaive, which will put an end to your enemy’s advances real quick.

The other gametype is Epidemic, which plays a lot like VIP. Matches are divided into two teams, each having their own Hayden. The goal is to bring down the opposing Hayden. The main issue with this mode is how fun it’ll be to play as a Trooper. It could be easy for the gametype to turn into a one-on-one affair with some pesky background noise from the teammates.

Dark Sector’s multiplayer will support up to ten players on five different maps. There isn’t a lot of flash in the multiplayer game, but it seems like it could provide some solid fun. Hell, Gears of War had an afterthought of an online multiplayer component and that ended up being a ton of fun.

Steve West

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.