Slightly Mad Studios has announced that Project CARS 2 is in the works and that they're crowd-funding the game to the tune of £7 million. That roughly translates into $11 million. The game is supposed to be scheduled to arrive for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The announcement comes courtesy of Slightly Mad Studios, posted over on their official website. And to quote them word for word, here's what they're saying about the new project...
With an existing schedule of ON DEMAND content already underway to continue providing Project CARS with fresh new features, updates, and great things to play with throughout the year, Slightly Mad Studios now turns its attention to the future with the announcement of the continuation of the franchise with Project CARS 2. And once again, the sequel will be created, tested, and ultimately approved by you – the gamers - through the WMD Portal crowd-funding platform.

Slightly Mad Studios is promising all new pro racing circuits, aiming for 50 different locations with more than 200 race courses. They're aiming to elevate the simulated motorsports genre with eight new racing disciplines including Rallycross, hill climbing and Touge. They're going to include more than 200 different cars from 40 different vehicle classes, including both concept cars and banned racing machines.

And they're going to be doing something totally new with the career mode by including an all new co-op feature. Now, no matter what you think about Slightly Mad Studios, the idea of having a second player work as an on-track team partner, or an in-car co-pilot is really cool. For rally races a second player can work as a spotter, which could be really interesting. They're also including drive swap for endurance races.

Multiplayer is also back on the table with AI-controlled drivers filling in for events where players come up short, or you can actually have players hop into your gaming experience to take over for the AI-controlled drivers. How neat is that? The idea is to make the online component seamless to the rest of the game.

The news caught a lot of people off guard and raised tons of questions. For one thing, Project CARS just barely got out of the gate for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Wii U owners are still waiting for the game that many of them helped fund the first time around.

Also, the game's £7 million asking price is quite steep and gamers are still trying to sink their teeth into the first game.

I don't think the asking price is wrong and I love what new features they want to add to the game, but it's way too soon.

Wii U owners are still feeling burned and it seems like a slap in the face to them to start working on a sequel when the first game hasn't been delivered yet. In addition to this, Project CARS 2 would likely go over way smoother on the crowd-funding front if they delivered on making sure the first Project CARS game is wholly stabilized and enjoyable for majority of the players on the promised platforms before attempting to ask for money for the sequel.

Nevertheless, if you want to contribute to the cause you can do so by paying a visit to the official website.
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