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While console gamers squabble over 792p and sub-20fps gameplay as being a step up from the 15 shelter-poor frames per second that games like Grand Theft Auto IV managed on the geriatric twins (then again, I'm willing to bet there are homeless people with more money in their pockets than there were consistent frame-rates for GTA IV on PS3), PC gamers get to enjoy gaming the way it was meant to be experienced... at 4K resolutions.

There are a few new videos up courtesy of YouTube user ed3dfx, where you get to see Project CARS looking like the definitive gameplay experience that it was always intended to be, very much like Robert Downey Jr is the definitive Iron Man, or the current wind-chaffed toupee sitting atop Donald Trump's head is his definitive hairstyle.

The above video is just drop-dead gorgeous. It's amazing because most people probably don't even have the necessary bandwidth to even watch it in 4K, showcasing that some people aren't even worthy to watch games at their highest resolution from the realm of the Glorious PC Master Race.

For those of you still living in America, you can drop the resolution down to 2K (also known as the poor cousin of 4K), half of what the intended resolution will get you. But at least you won't have to worry about Comcast representatives showing up at your doorstep at 3:00 in the morning with a legal contract you signed saying that when you breach a certain bandwidth threshold they'll either take your soul, your first-born or your kidney. I'm sure most people don't need their soul anyway, so it's no big loss... go ahead and pump it up to 4K you cheap old dastard.

In addition to the video at the top, ed3dfx went on ahead and killed his hard drive by recording a second video at 4K resolutions, approximately 3840 x 2160, which rounds out to 8,294,000 pixels rendered per frame. Just for a bit of perspective, that's more than 6 million more pixels per frame than what the Xbox One or PS4 is capable of rendering.

In the resolution war, 4K is king right now and it's a beautiful thing (if you can afford it, or in the case of these videos, if you can afford the bandwidth to watch it).

Not every game will look like a million bucks in 4K, but Slightly Mad Studios put the time and effort into Project CARS to ensure that the game does look like a million bucks. You know what's even more crazy? The game's graphics aren't even maxed out in the above videos.

You would need a few Titans to get good frames at 4K or maybe a few of AMD's Malta; but if your eyes are lusty for visual delights, you would certainly be doing your head sockets a favor by investing in the necessary tools to output your games at 4K and 60fps.

Even still, Project CARS is shaping up to be one of, if not the best looking game ever made. It's a real treat for the oracular senses. You can look for it to launch on the home consoles and the glorious, glorious PC this fall.

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