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Project CARS Video Goes Head-To-Head With Real Life

Two new videos have surfaced from the World of Mass Development community, featuring Project CARS. One of the videos features a side-by-side comparison of real life racing to Slightly Mad Studios' 3D simulator, and the second video is your typical promo piece, courtesy of the community.

The first video is a prototype showdown between two of the fastest cars to hit the tarmac. The vehicles are going all out on the short yet wide-angled turns of Silverstone, giving gamers a nice look at how close Slightly Mad Studios managed to capture the real life nuances of the track.

I'm actually quite shocked at how close the team managed to capture each and every inch of the track without giving away any of the small idiosyncrasies that make it what it is. Even more than that, I've noticed that Project CARS' rendition of Silverstone is dirtier and grimier than the real-life version of the track. It's quite funny because one of the biggest complaints about the path-traced environments in the Brigade Engine was that everything was too clean and pristine to be real life.

The biggest difference between the two video images, however, is that there is a lot more shaking and bouncing going on in the real video and there isn't enough bouncing and shaking happening in Project CARS. Then again, that depends on if you like the bouncing and shaking and maybe you're into Rumba dancing or something, so it could be a natural preference over the stilted camera angles that Project CARS features.

Moving on... there's a new community montage trailer for Project CARS as well called “Living the Dream”. The trailer is your typical collage of fast moments and dynamic camera shots of fast moving vehicles that make our hearts race and our eyes cry. The trailer isn't quite as intense as the typical Jonz movie, but not everyone can be Jonz, right?

Nevertheless, the trailer does a fair enough job of building up anticipation for the game while putting together some of the more striking moments of gameplay so that you feel as if it's a worthwhile experience.

You can check out the new “Living the Dream” trailer below, and if you like what you see you can learn more about Project CARS by paying a kind visit to the game's official website. Project CARS is set for release in early 2014 for PC, Wii U and the current-gen consoles.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.