A new trailer has been released for Project CARS that shows off all the in-game footage from the older builds between 200 and 400. Yes, the video above is a new video made up entirely of older Project CARS builds. You know what's crazy? Even the older builds of Project CARS looks better than just about every other AAA game out there.

The maker of all the high-end promo videos for Project CARS has been done by a YouTube community contributor going by the name of Jonz. But I tell you, Jonz needs to become a director. I'm not kidding. This guy has done honest promotional stuff with Project CARS that puts the $40 million dollar marketing teams at other AAA publishing outlets to freaking shame.

Jonz' trailers are some of the best ever in the video game space, including the award-worthy Taming The Wild, which featured the music “I Might Be Wrong” from Radiohead.

Even outside of the visually engrossing and aesthetically captivating work by Jonz, just normal footage of Project CARS is still breathtaking. I mean, did you check out the real-life comparisons to Project CARS? Unbelievable.

Anyway, this was the last of the “older” build trailers that Jonz is doing, as he's focusing entirely on Slightly Mad Studios' newer builds for Project CARS. I'm curious how many people dumped money into the production of the game after watching this guy's stuff? Very curious, indeed.

While you can't contribute any money to Slightly Mad Studios at the moment because they're undergoing an FSA/FCA investor fraud investigation, you can at least admire more of their work with a new video below showcasing the Spa-Francorchamps, which was recently featured in this weekends iRacing eSports event. Enjoy.

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