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Some of these screenshots are just, wow. I mean we're looking at the kind of quality visual benchmarks that puts Project CARS nearly in a whole other league. The latest captures still come courtesy of the gaming community partaking in the alpha testing, and they showcase the advancements Slightly Mad Studios has made with the rain effects, weather and vehicle lighting.

The screens were spotted by DSO Gaming, showcasing bevy collection of beautifully rendered racing beasts in their natural habitat.

As noted on DSO Gaming, Project CARS has been scaled for the highest or high-end gaming, so much so that the game was being demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show this year on 4K monitors. That's right, while the Xbox 720p struggles with last-gen resolutions, and the PS4 is catching up to current gen resolutions, the Glorious PC Master Race is already playing next-gen resolutions today.

Heck, there was already some footage out there of Project CARS running at 2K resolutions, showcasing what PC gamers will be able to see if they have the custard in their machine to muster the performance requirements.

But even on the lower scale, Slightly Mad Studios is doing a lot where it counts: the gameplay. The under-the-hood mechanics of Project CARS relies a lot on physics-based gameplay where car handling, tire density/pressure, shock values and frame support all come into play. It's not even that you just have these values here, it's that these values showcase in-game results in their behavior and physical dynamics. In other words, all the under-the-hood design mechanics play a part in the actual gameplay of Project CARS.

But enough about that stuff, let's talk about the game being awesome on the Wii U. I mean, Nintendo's console will be receiving one of the most visually demanding games of 2014 or for this generation, period. While other publishers are complaining about the Wii U's power discrepancy, Slightly Mad Studios is moving forward and ahead with providing Nintendo fans with top-end racing simulation entertainment.

In addition to the sexy screenshots below, be sure to check out some of the latest footage of the game as well. Project CARS is set for a late 2014 release for the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and PC. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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