Quantum Conundrum Defies Physics On PlayStation Plus Tomorrow

PlayStation Plus subscribers are going to have a Darwinian dilemma this week. No, that’s not right. A phosphorous problem? No, that’s still not correct. Ah, yes! I remember now. Coming free to PlayStation Plus this week will be Quantum Conundrum, the perplexing first-person puzzler all about matter, material and mass.

While Resident Evil 5 was added to the Plus library last week, the newest edition to the services Instant Game Collection is taking a decidedly different route, trading zombies and bullets for tricky puzzles and constantly shifting states of matter. Neat!

From Kim Swift, one of the folks behind the brilliant and somewhat similar Portal, Quantum Conundrum tasks players with stretching their brain to think around corners in order to figure out some of the most diabolical, physics-based puzzles this side of Aperture Labs.

Quantum Conundrum is this week’s free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers and will be available for download as soon as the store update goes live on the PS3 Tuesday afternoon.

For those who are really in the puzzling mood, however, the 2D tinkering title, Mechinarium, will also be seeing a discount as part of tomorrow’s PS Plus update. Regularly priced at 10 bucks, Mechinarium can be had by Plusers for 30 percent off. That’s $6.99 for those of you who aren’t too quick at math. If that particular equation would have left you stumped, you might want to just sit these games out. They’re going to put the ole’ grey matter through far more strenuous exercises once they join the Plus update Tuesday afternoon.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.