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A new video walkthrough of Rainbow Moon -- an exclusive PS3 RPG that will arrive on the PlayStation Store this summer -- shows off some brand new gameplay of the isometric RPG, as well as a brief summary of the story, the combat and the hardcore gameplay mechanics.

Sidequest Studios really, really, really went over and beyond to recreate a fun-looking RPG that many gamers during the SNES era grew up playing. It wasn't just the 16-bit graphics and modulated sound that made many of us fall in love with some of those titles, it was the engaging and adventure-ridden stories that captivated gamers; the over-arching stories that carried players from one continent to the next trying to stop an evil tyrant or a misunderstood alien; it was the colorful and vibrant game worlds that inspired hope and a sense of purpose; it was unmistakable melodies that are still being hummed by gamers and performed by symphonies around the world. Back in the day, plain and simple, gaming was epic.

Sidequest sets out to achieve a similar feat with Rainbow Moon, a game that not only imbues the three-quarter view camera but also aims to recapture that Golden Era nostalgia with meaningful grinding (something that's absent in many of today's MMOs and RPGs) as well as lots of looting, crafting and challenging monster encounters. Check it out in the video walkthrough below.

It saddens me that only small studios seem to understand gaming culture these days. You don't need Michael Bay-sized, Hollywood-blockbuster budgets to make a game fun or to get it to sell *cough*Limbo, Journey*cough*. All it takes is a creative idea and the will and skill to bring it to life.

I'm hoping Rainbow Moon turns out to be as fun as it looks from that video. I'm definitely digging a lot of smaller studios dodging the need to make the latest and greatest in graphics and instead hearkening back to the age-old formula of making a creative game that sets out to be fun (you listening EA?).

You can look for Rainbow Moon to launch exclusively for the PS3 this July via the PlayStation Network. For more info feel free to pay a visit to the Official Sidequest Studios Website.

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