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Last year, Rainbow Moon quietly crept onto the PlayStation Network, entertaining fans of classic style RPGs with a beautiful world to explore, dozens of monsters to slay, an epic story and plenty of quests, loot and spells to discover. Now a sequel has been announced, and fans of new and old can expect to play Rainbow Skies on the PS3 and Vita sometime in 2014.

These days, it's pretty easy to completely overlook a new game, especially one that's a digital download, an RPG and coming from a small indie developer like SideQuest Studios. Rainbow Moon was one such title in 2012 but, whether from the quality of the game or the reception of fans, it looks like this little-RPG-that-could was received well enough to warrant a sequel, which is just what it's getting next year for both the PS3 and Vita.

For a better idea of what the original game has to offer, let's take a look at one of its original trailers.

Hard to believe that was a small, indie title that flew under most folks' radars, right? Whether or not you missed out on the original, Rainbow Skies is an indirect sequel, according to its recent announcement, continuing the adventures in a brand new world with brand new characters. Originally announced back in February, the developers are once again touting Rainbow Skies' 2014 launch.

According to SideQuest Studios' Marcus Pukropski, a lot of fan feedback was taken into consideration when making this follow-up.

Rainbow Skies is more than just a sequel,” Pukropski said. “We'll be introducing many new features, including monster taming, an advanced battle system with new combo attacks, new dungeon action elements, a new dialog and emoticon system, new treasure hunt quests, an improved side quest system, explorable building and new mini-games.”

So, yeah, it sound like they've really beefed up the formula for this second outing. Despite all of the changes, however, it looks like the developers will be staying true to the game's old-school roots, keeping turn-based battles intact, along with free world and dungeon exploration, character leveling, etc.

Releasing for Sony's handheld and home console, you'll even be able to enjoy your adventure between the two consoles, moving your save file back and forth freely.

You can expect to hear more details leading up to the game's launch next year but, until then, these rather lovely pieces of background art will have to tide you over.

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