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T.J. Fixman, writer for the Resistance and Ratchet and Clank series, has revealed that he's leaving Insomniac Games after seven years with the developer.

"At one time, a few years back, I told myself I was a video game lifer," Fixman said on his blog. "There was no future I could see in which I would not be an Insomniac. This is a studio that allowed me to break the space-time continuum and ravage post-apocalyptic Chicago. It allowed me to write for Captain Qwark and record dirty pirate songs. It sent me to PAX, where a fan ran up to me quoting Orvus because his cheesy jokes made her smile during a dark time in her life.

"These are the kinds of moments that stay with you forever and make you grateful for every second of it—even the rough times during crunch when it’s midnight and you still have 50 bugs in Devtrack. For all of those experiences, I’ll be eternally grateful."

Fixman is leaving Insomniac in order to pursue a screenwriting career. He has two scripts in production currently called One Night On The Hudson and The Lost. The former is a thriller while the latter is an action-comedy. Disney added to his workload recently by offering him a feature assignment.

He stresses that he doesn't consider films more relevant than games. He's just looking for new challenges. Screenplays are just one of many new outlets he's exploring for his creativity.

"I can look at my time at Insomniac and feel like I’ve done what I set out to do there. As for other mediums, I feel like I’m just getting started. I’m excited by movies and television. I want to get back into graphic novel writing. I want to develop different projects with new characters and stories and worlds I can explore. Right now I have the opportunity to try all of it, and when you’re handed a gift like that, you have to grab onto it with both hands."

Insomniac won't be completely without Fixman's services, though. He's serving as producer and writer on the upcoming Ratchet and Clank film. The movie is a 3D animated feature and is expected in early 2015.

Additionally, he's "made sure the North Carolina studio has everything they need" in order to complete Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus. Nexus, the next entry in the game series, will debut this fall on the PS3. It will serve as an epilogue to the Future sub-series.

"My relationship with Insomniac will continue, as will my involvement with the video game industry. How it will all coalesce is something I’ll work out along the way, but I could never abandon the industry that has given me so much."

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