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Capcom announced today that gamers looking to get a taste of the upcoming horror-action-survival game, Resident Evil 6, can do so right now for the Xbox 360 if you already have Dragon's Dogma.

As stated in the press release...
Experience bioterrorism on a global scale and get a taste for the scope of this latest and most expansive title in the Resident Evil series to date as the action moves from North America to Europe and China. This demo features three different missions and distinct gameplay experiences as each mission is taken from one of the full game’s three separate campaigns which features a different protagonist as the lead.

The game sports three completely separate story arcs involving Wesker Jr., (Jake Mueller) Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy. Each one represents a different kind of playing style and Xbox 360 owners will be able to experience each of those playing styles in the newly-available demo.

Wesker's story starts in the Eastern European state of Edonia where he and Sherry have to face off against the Ustanak and gamers get to unleash some mad melee skills from Jake. Chris' story takes players to China where they will do the typical run-and-gun, roid-and-rage style of play just like Resident Evil 5 but with an extra dose of steroids. And finally, Leon's story will see players take on a more methodical, horror-survival experience at the Ivy University campus where things start spooky and get plain vicious before it's all over with.

Those of you who purchased Dragon's Dogma for the Xbox 360 can pick up the demo for Resident Evil 6 right now. The game is scheduled to release for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC October 2nd later this year. Need more info? Feel free to check out the Official Website.

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