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There have been two things that have been publicly put to scrutiny regarding Resident Evil 6: 1) The game will supposedly return to its horror roots. 2.) The game seems to be aiming for the Call of Duty crowd. Well, you can scratch the first one off the list because it's been confirmed that the game uses regenerating health. Horror-survival my foot.

Anyone watching the footage from E3 as well as the hands-on demos probably took note that the health bar was never a focus of the action. The E3 demo was chock-full of John McClane-style action with Leon Kennedy doing some typical run, gun and high-explosive action.

Trying to assuage ourselves into thinking that there was still hope, we abated the use of our pitchforks and took our torches home, but us core gamers knew that deep down something wasn't right. The tingle in our gonads left us uneasy and not without good reason.

GameRevolution has impressions from the hands-on demo and they confirm that the game sports regenerating health, Call of Duty style. The cover system is used strategically so you can go take a bathroom break or eat some Doritos while you wait for your health to recharge.

I imagine that there will probably be breaks in your health so that you need to gather supplies to increase your total health, but your bar will automatically recharge to a degree in combat.

This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise considering that it wasn't too long ago that Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata said that the company wanted Resident Evil as a series to attract the Call of Duty casuals, why? Because they estimate for Resident Evil 6 to sell at least 7 million copies. Everyone and their uncle, cousin, mamma and hairy rat pet up in the executive branch of the gaming industry want Call of Duty numbers.

You can kiss the horror or survival aspects of Resident Evil 6 goodbye with a regenerating health meter. I really did notice that the health bar was obfuscated during the gameplay but I thought maybe it only appeared when you were hurt. But now we know why the health meter was obscured.

In the end, a lot of gamers at least know that if they want a true horror-survival experience there is Amnesia: The Dark Descent, ZombiU and DayZ.

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