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Capcom announced during this year's Tokyo Game Show a brand new Resident Evil game called Umbrella Corps. It's a competitive online multiplayer game that sees players going head-to-head against each other while also facing down against classic Resident Evil monsters.

The details for the game were unveiled over on the Capcom Unity website where they explained how the game works and what it features. You can also get your first glimpse of the gameplay in the trailer below.

The game is a team-based melee-shooter. The story goes that after Umbrella Corp was shutdown following things like the Raccoon City incident, other corporations wanted to get in on the deadly virus action and control biological weapons for their own nefarious purposes. They have mercenary teams sent in to experimental, virus-infested areas where they go against each other. I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense but this is Resident Evil after all.

The hook for the game is that it has three new features, many of which are reminiscent of the gameplay mechanics found in Visceral Games' Dead Space series. For instance the new “Brainer” pickaxe allows players to get in close and directly smash the brains of enemies. The melee weapon can also be used to counter-attack other melee attacks, as showcased in the trailer above.

The terrain spikes allow players to smash opponents while they're on the ground. It's equivalent to Isaac Clarke's curb-stomp in Dead Space.

The third feature is the zombie shield. You can use the zombie shield to block incoming fire or attacks and then launch a counter-attack while hiding behind the undead, walking corpse. A little bit of something from the sixth-gen classic Dead To Rights.

All of these new features and the game itself were built using the Unity 5 game engine. Yes, Capcom has switched from Frameworks and the Unreal Engine to test out Unity Technologies latest game development toolset.

Gameplay wise it really doesn't look anything like a Resident Evil title, and the combat and graphics really do look similar to Dead Space, except for the fact that when you shoot in this game it goes into an iron-sights mode so you can use precision aiming to take down other players or enemy monsters.

The concept isn't bad but we've seen so many team-based, competitive shooters over the years it's hard to get excited for this one, especially coming off Capcom's very lackluster Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which was mired in problems from top to bottom. Hopefully they can get things sorted with this new title so that it's quality over quantity.

Umbrella Corp is due for release in early 2016 for PC and PS4 for $29.99.