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According to February’s issue of GameInformer, Sony’s Resistance: Fall Of Man is officially getting a well-deserved sequel come this fall.

PS3 owners have been hoping for a sequel to Insomniac’s shooter since the release of the first title back in 2006. Now it seems all the internet rumors are finally coming true and Insomniac is bringing their ass-ugly Chimera alien race back in a big way—as in 60-man multiplayer big. While teams will be divided to 8 players each, R:FoM2 servers are said to support up to 60 user-controlled players.

In addition to the amount of players in one game, the sequel is said to offer an online co-op mode of play, varying map geometry to keep levels fresh and three classes of soldier including Heavy, Special Ops and Medic. Little else is known about the title, particularly regarding the campaign mode other than players still control the protagonist from the first game, Nathan Hale.

For more info, be sure to pick up the upcoming issue of GameInformer and expect any updates as they come available on this one.

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