The PS3 and PS Vita have landed one of the most intriguing indie games in development. VBlank Entertainment designer Brian Provinciano revealed today that his studio is bringing Retro City Rampage to both platforms.

Retro City is like Grand Theft Auto, in that players can run amuck in an open-world city and commit crimes at will. However, the missions aren't limited to shooting and driving. The missions feature a diverse mix of mechanics, such as platforming, rhythm, and stealth. It's a tribute to both modern and classic games.

"It really is a massive game with something for everyone," said Provinciano on the PlayStation.Blog. "It boasts a full story mode with over 50 missions, taking place in extensive city with stores, buildings and activities to interact with. For those of you who just want to jump right into the action and rampage the town, there’s also an Arcade Mode. It’s packed with over 30 fast-paced, score-based challenges where you’ll use the 25+ weapons and power-ups available to rack up points. You’ll be able to share replays as you try to dethrone your friends!"

Rampage will also be available digitally on the PC, Xbox 360, and Wii. The game's website lists it as a May 2012 release.

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