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The Adult Swim show Rick and Morty has gained quite the following, and the popular cartoon is making a splash in Valve's Dota 2 as both the titular characters Rick and Morty are available as an announcer pack for the MOBA title.

The the Rick and Morty announcer pack is available right now on Steam for $7.99. If you want to alter the game's announcer you can do so right now. A small teaser trailer was released to give you an idea of what it sounds like in the game.

The series has been garnering quite a bit of praise and attention for its tackling of mature subject matter and doing so with over-the-top humor and candor. How this announcement pack landed in Dota 2 is really beyond me but I'm guessing there's a demographic crossover that Valve is tapping with this light DLC pack.

Dota 2 hasn't been a stranger to adding new announcers to the game. In fact there's an entire section of announcer packs in the Dota 2 cash shop. Some of the guest announcers include characters like the narrator from Bastion, who has a gruff and mellow voice that adds a lot of character to the competitive, or the narrator from The Stanley Parable, a game that's a real mind-trip and has an announcer that makes it feel like you're replaying multiple episodes of The Twilight Zone. There are also various other packs involving non-celebrity voice packs for those who just wanted something a bit more Dota-centric.

Does this really change how the game is played? Not really. You'll still likely get wiped pretty badly if you end up with a team who don't know how to lane properly and you'll still find yourself on Reddit cursing and complaining in caps if you get stuck with newbs who in turn curse at you and scream about losing. The rage tactics will never end.

Recently Dota 2's The International took place where more than $18 million were up for grabs by hardcore competitors fighting to take home some fat cash for using their MOBA skills in a professional atmosphere.

Valve recently overhauled the game as they refitted the title to run on the Source 2 engine, making the game more optimized for low and high-end computers, as well as improving the game's visuals and physics. This was also accompanied with a revamped re-launch of the Source Filmmaker.

Nevertheless, it seems kind of weird how Valve goes about adding announcers as expansion packs. The games running on the Source Engine make sense and their own properties like Portal are totally understandable, but I still can't wrap my head around Rick and Morty joining the announcer DLC line-up. You can purchase the DLC right now from over on the Dota 2 store page.

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