Roblox Traded $176 Million Worth Of Virtual Currency In 2012

How many games have you played that were made in Roblox, the game-building utility that has amassed nearly three quarters of a billion visits via its website in 2012 alone? If you answered 'zero' then you could be missing out on a lot...a whole lot. Roblox Corporation released some new stats for the game that's named after the company, and it's all quite impressive.

The company has been posting some record numbers in just about every category, with total page views up by 37% to 13.3 billion page views in 2012. More than 149 games have been played via the Roblox platform with at least one million plays in 2012, topping 2011 with a whopping 70% increase.

What's more is that 176.3 million hours of gameplay has been poured into Roblox in 2012, which is a 50% increase over the 2011 stats.

With just about everything doubling, tripling and quadrupling over the previous year's stats. David Baszucki, CEO at Roblox Corporation, commented about the upsurge in business, saying...

"ROBLOX gives builders the tools and freedom to put their imaginations into action,"... "Our community's commitment to building, sharing, and playing on ROBLOX is evolving in spectacular ways, and these 2012 numbers show how exciting and engaging user-created content can be for desktop and now mobile experiences."

The real kicker is that players are able to buy, trade and sell virtual goods, spending more than 17.6 billion Robux – the virtual currency or cash shop currency used for Roblox – and that translates into a massive $176 million USD.

I'm curious what the revenue to profit ratio is for Roblox Corp.,? They seem to be doing quite well and everything, year-over-year, appears to be up. The real question, however, is whether or not the company will continue to grow throughout 2013 or if 2012 is where they plateaued? You can learn more about Roblox by paying a visit to the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.