Now that you've gone out and purchased all of those lovely plastic peripherals to play your favorite rhythm games, Harmonix is doing away with them completely, introducing the controller, um, controlled Rock Band Blitz for the PlayStation Network. Oh, and it releases tomorrow.

Set to hit PSN with the regular weekly update tomorrow afternoon, Rock Band Blitz offers a new score-chase slant on the classic rhythm formula, tasking a single player with keeping all portions of the track up and running smoothly. According to project director Matthew Nordhaus in his statement on the PlayStation Blog, fans of the series should be able to pick it up and jump right in.

“At its core, it's still a rhythm beat-match game: you smash notes in time with the music,” Nordhaus said. “But in contrast to the full band experience of traditional Rock Band titles, Blitz is fast-paced, with over-the-top visuals and a wide range of crazy Power-ups that you can use strategically to increase your score.”

Rock Band Blitz will ship with 25 brand new songs for $14.99. What makes the game particularly attractive, though, is that any previous Rock Band songs sitting on your hard drive will be added to Blitz's song list at no additional charge. Conversely, all 25 Blitz songs will unlock themselves in Rock Band 3. You'll also be able to purchase anything from the Rock Band DLC library and have it work as a Blitz track.

This rockin' package is rounded out with asynchronous Score Wars, leaderboards and a bunch of Power-ups you can equip before playing in order to achieve the highest score possible. And for those who like to try before they buy, there will also be a free demo once PSN updates tomorrow.

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