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It might be hard to believe, but there are still people out there who have not yet played Rocket League. The folks over at Psyonix aim to reach out to that unenlightened sector of the population in the coming months by releasing the smash-hit of 2015 in the form of a physical retail copy.

Team Xbox only recently got its hands on Rocket League, finally experiencing what the PlayStation 4 and PC crowds have been ranting and raving about since last year. Still, Psyonix understands that there is still a number of gamers out there who have not had the opportunity to play the brilliant kinda-sports game; folks who prefer to put on pants and go outside to purchase their games.

As Destructoid is reporting, Psyonix announced today that Rocket League will be breaking away from its digital confines to arrive on the market in disc form. The development team made the news official through a recent stream, letting everyone know that, even if you don't like to buy your games on the digital market, you'll still be able to play Rocket League at some point in the future.

If you are somehow out of the loop on Rocket League, it's a brilliant sports game that mixes the best elements of an arcade racer like Burnout with the skill and teamwork of a soccer game like FIFA. Teams of players control turbo-charged cars that can jump, roll along walls and, with a bit of skill, even fly. The object of the game is to launch a large ball into the opposing team's goal, which makes for some pretty exciting competition. The game offers a perfect formula that's easy to pick up and have a blast with, but tough to master. You can enjoy Rocket League in its most basic form but, if you put in a bit of effort, you and your teammates can pull off some pretty impressive plays.

When the game first launched as a PlayStation Plus title last year, it took the gaming world by utter surprise. Psyonix continued to build momentum for the game with frequent patches and loads of fun updates that included everything from skins to new arenas and game modes. Rocket League eventually made its way to PC and, just a couple of weeks ago, the Xbox One crowd finally got in on the fun.

For folks who don't like to buy their games digital but still want to get in on the action, this news should come as a welcome surprise. There's no word on a release date yet but, since Psyonix is now openly talking about it, we imagine it can't be too far off. A price was also not discussed. The game goes for 20 bucks on the digital markets, to we don't imagine a physical version will cost much more than that.