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Time Magazine has published its 2009 list of the World's Most Influential People and a well-known duo from the gaming industry made it onto the list: Sam and Dan Houser, co-founders of Rockstar Games and the minds behind the Grand Theft Auto series.

Matt Selman, executive producer of The Simpsons, penned a glowing profile of the brothers for the issue: "But what makes the Housers' creation unparalleled is that their games have a take on American cultural history. A smart take. A take that solidifies the culture's vision of its recent past. Was it a prominent film or book or record that defined how we look back on gang-era Los Angeles? No, it was a video game that uses movies, music and writing to a greater effect."

Selman continues: "Who better summarized and satirized the drug-dealing Miami of the '80s? Or the New York City of now? The Housers are doing the work of Tom Wolfe, creating tapestries of modern times as detailed as those of Balzac or Dickens. At least, I assume that's true. Instead of reading those guys, I've been in Liberty City stealing tanks."

This isn't the first time Grand Theft Auto IV's gotten some love from the mainstream media. Back in January, the Chicago Tribune ran an article about GTA IV and Rockstar entitled "Is ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ the greatest writing of the century?" Still, the Houser brothers appearance on a Time Magazine list typically filled with world leaders and Nobel prize winners goes to show you how far the gaming industry has come.