No Romance In Tomb Raider Reboot

The upcoming reboot of Tomb Raider will shake up many of the series' traditions. One thing won't change, though: Lara Croft still doesn't have any time for romance. At least not in this game, anyway.

"I’ve read and fed into the script now on many, many occasions, and I can tell you that there is no love interest in this game," Crystal Dynamics global brand director Karl Stewart said in a community Q&A. "She is trying to survive. She is busy. Surviving the situation is all she can cope with right now; surviving a relationship would be a bit tough. In one of the next releases we could possibly see this more human Lara meet someone, but that is way over the horizon."

The game's plot doesn't really lend itself toward a relationship subplot. Croft is shipwrecked on a mysterious island off the coast of Japan. Stewart admits that there are "plenty of people" on this island but I'll wager most of them aren't friendly, much less amorous. Croft probably wouldn't have time for love, anyway; the island has a greater mystery that she'll need to uncover.

She's only 21 years old in this game and fresh out of the academy. Crystal Dynamics is really starting from square one with the character. It makes sense that they'd work on establishing her personality first and fleshing her out before they throw some love interest into the mix.

CD hasn't released much information on Tomb Raider thus far but that should change soon. Stewart says that they plan to "do something very special in not-so-distant future" to give players a behind-the-scenes look at the game.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.