It's Tuesday, so that must mean it's time to visit the PlayStation Plus warehouse and see what new goodies are being doled out this week. Oh, look! It's a free copy of Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien on the PlayStation 3, and a boatload of discounts on games including the new Tomb Raider.

The August Plus Instant Game Collection lineup was announced last week, so we already knew that Runner 2 would be arriving at some point. And that “point” is once today's PlayStation Network update goes live sometime this afternoon.

As the name implies, Runner 2 is a runner, meaning it's all about cat-like reflexes and lightning-fast button presses as you run, jump and slide your way through some deviously designed levels on a quest for the finish line.

And according to this week's Plus announcement, the Runner 2: Good Friends Character Pack will also be on sale for Plus subscribers this week, marked down from $2.99 to $2.39. Not much of a discount, but it's hard to make a drastic cut when you're only working with three bucks to begin with. This Runner 2 DLC includes a slew of playable characters from other indie games, including Machinarium's Josef, Spelunky's, um, guy, Psychonauts' Razputin, Dr. Feturs from Super Meat Boy and more.

If you're in the mood for less bright colors and energetic sprinting and more forbidden islands and terrifying impalements, then you'll probably want to check out the new Tomb Raider instead. While not a part of the Instant Game Collection, Lara Croft's latest adventure is getting a sizable discount this week, going for $22.49 for all virtual shoppers and just $20.24 for Plus subscribers.

A special bundle, this will include the full game, a three-pack weapon add-on, the Shanty Town multiplayer map, a three-pack of DLC outfits and the entire game, Quantum Conundrum at no additional charge.

So that's actually two games and a bunch of DLC for about 20 bucks...I think you know what to do next.

Finally, as announced yesterday, the PS Vita Japanese Games Sale goes live this week, offering deep discounts on a bunch of portable games coming from Japanese developers. The list includes the likes of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, Ridge Racer, Soul Sacrifice and Gravity Rush. For a full list of games and prices, you can check out the entire post from yesterday. One adjustment was made in the announcement, though: Street Fighter X Tekken will actually be a part of the sale next week instead of this week, with Sumioni: Demon Arts taking its place with a new sale price of $10.49 and a Plus price of $7.34.

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